What is a penitential earnest Money contract?

The penitential deposit contract whereby the buyer has to reserve for a deadline the property he/she intends to purchase, giving in exchange a certain amount of money as a signal. The signal is delivered by way of penitential deposit, which is regulated by Article1454 of the Civil Code, which allows to withdraw from the contract and may be unilaterally terminated by the Purchaser, losing the amount already paid, or by Seller, returning double the amount received.

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Do I need any special requirements for the purchase of proffesional firms?

1 - After the deed of the Professional firm an operating license (business license, opening and operation) has to be obtained to be able to occupy the office. Therefore the buyer must be a natural person or self-employed who quotes to the special scheme for self-employed, or to the mutually of the professional association to which he belongs or a company that develops an activity compatible with those allowed in the area by the council, and both should be registered I Tax on Economic Activities It will be the buyer who must submit the project and the City Hall justifying the office layout and uses of different areas, to support the granting of a license to operate. 2 - Professional firms are taxed at 18% VAT

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What expenses or taxes shoyld I consider when buying a home?

a) Tax payment: In general, the first installment in a public document by the promoter of a new home is subject to VAT (reduced rate of 8% on the purchase price) and the Tax Acts Duty (at the rate established in each Region which is often between 0.5 and 1%, 1% in Madrid). Nevertheless, in certain cases and personal situations of the taxpayer, are already set some rebates and exemptions. The reduced rate of VAT at 8% will apply equally to the purchase of up to two parking spaces per dwelling and annexes located there, acquired, will tax at the standard rate of 18%. Being a second delivery (previously used homes) the transaction would be subject to Onerous Transfer Tax (the tax rate established in each Region, in Madrid, 7%). In any case, the transmission would be subject also for the seller to the Tax Increase in Value of urban Land (Municipal Gains)

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What is the tax on the increased value of urban land?

Is commonly known as municipal surplus. Is a direct tax, municipal and voluntarily established by the municipalities, that entirely manage it. It taxes the obtaining of increased value experienced by urban land, revealed at the time of transmission and experienced over a maximum period of 20 years. This increase is determined by applying the value of that land (which usually coincide with the cadastral value of land that comes reflected in the last receipt of Property Tax) a fixed percentage set in each case by the municipalities, depending on the number of years the land has been property of the seller.

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What is property tax?

It is a direct tax of real status, made compulsory by the municipalities, and their management is shared by the state administration. Its taxable property consists of real property, whether rural or urban, or ownership of certain rights over those goods and it taxes the value of those properties, which generally coincide with the assessed value that they have been assigned to which the council will apply the tax rate, within the limits of minimum and maximum percentages established by law. It is a tax levied annually, being the person liable to be the owner of the property or real right, every January 1st. of each year. However the accrual, in towns such as Madrid, the property tax is passed to collect between the 1st October and the 30th November

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I am interested in buying a home. Where can I get informed?

If you just want information about a property, the location of a promotion, or you want to schedule an appointment with a salesperson you can contact us via toll free phone 900 100 420, where an operator will assist you or will contact you with the appropiate person to assist you. On our website you can also see the promotions we have for sale, flat type. Price type, quality, pictures, etc…

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I purchased a home for Habitat Real Estate and I have some doubds. Where can I get help?

Habitat Inmobiliaria has a Customer Service Department that you can contact by the phone 901 110 220. A manager will deal with your query through the appropriate department.

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What is The Building's Book?

The book of a building for housing aims to make owners familiar with the building the y use and provide them with the documentation and information needed to carry out a proper use and maintenance. The contents for the Building’s Book is governed by regulations, and generally consist of: 1. Record Books: particulars of the building, the event log and the maintenance and repairs. 2. Document of Technical Specifications: Includes Final Project Work, an annex to the main technical data of the building and its elements, in the form of files, and manuals and maintenance and emergencies. 3. Documents File; This file contains the building permits and occupancy, certificate of quality control, the final certificate of the construction work, minutes of receipt of the work, the deed of declaration of new work and other documents concerning the building. If the property is acquired by a single person he/she will be responsible for having the Building’s Book. However, in the case of existence of an owners community, the person holding the office of administrator of the estate, or President of the Community, will be the one who guards the Building’s Book.

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What is the handbook for Housing and what does it contain?

These are the documents that each person receives as the owner of a house in the building. This manual is given at the time of handing over the keys of each house and the signing of deeds. The housing manual contains information on the use of the housing, warranties and operating manuals for individual devices, flat commercial and housing facilities, and the documentation necessary to register supplies.

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What does buying as "Specified Property" mean?

The meaning of Specified Property is regulated in Article 1471 of the CC and means tht the price is not calculated or considered due to the surface of the property sold, or as it is, at the rate of price unit of measure, but due to the lump sum agreed upon.

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