Ethics and compliance

Committed to our values, and guided by our code of ethics, we have developed policies to ensure regulatory compliance.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics reflects the corporate values and basic principles aimed at ensuring ethical and responsible behaviour among all Habitat Inmobiliaria's collaborators, employees and managers:

  • Regulatory compliance and respect for the law
  • Integrity, transparency and objectivity
  • Human values
  • Respect for the environment
Código Ético

Corporate Policies

Our corporate policies define and establish the principles, criteria and objectives that govern the activities of Habitat Inmobiliaria, and form part of our corporate governance system.

Within these corporate policies, those regarding compliance reinforce the commitment that already exists in our Code of Ethics to proactively comply with the legal framework applicable to our business, as well as to provide guidance to all our staff and suppliers and to promote a culture aimed at preventing irregularities.

  • Anti-Corruption Policy
    PDF, 172.50 KB Download
  • Criminal Risk Prevention Policy
    PDF, 180.43 KB Download
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality and Environment Policy
    PDF, 141.97 KB Download
  • Information Security Policy
    PDF, 164.15 KB Download
  • Human Resources Policy
    PDF, 3149.33 KB Download

Whistleblowing Channel (Compliance Mailbox)

This is an essential part of Habitat Inmobiliaria's compliance system. We provide you with an ethical channel for queries and communications regarding potential breaches of regulations, irregularities and/or practices contrary to the principles set out in our code of ethics.

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality and diligence in the handling of the communications received, protecting the identity and reputation of both the whistleblower and the person against whom the complaint has been made, informing only those to whom disclosure is strictly necessary as stipulated in our Whistleblowing Channel Procedure.

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