Sustainability and innovation

Fulfilling present needs without compromising future generations

Corporate Social Responsibility

The need for a sustainable approach encompasses all areas, as companies, people and our planet are the inseparable and necessary factors that must be taken fully into account when constructing the cities of the future.

This is why we feel extremely proud that a deep, sincere concern for environment and community underlie strategy and decision making in our company. Our day-to-day work is guided by the principles of responsible construction, sustainable supply chain management, ethical management, digital transformation and a focus on customers and communities.

This makes the links between our activities and SDG 11 on ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ clear. It is key to our sustainability strategy and we are also very much aware of and committed to working towards identified SDGs.

Sustainability Report 2021 Memoria de Sostenibilidad 2020 Sustainability Report 2019 ESG Policy

Green Guide

Our business activity is linked undisputedly to the environment in which our developments are located and, for this reason, protecting that environment is an essential part of our strategy. Consequently, we are committed to construction systems that favour the sustainability of our projects and the circular management of resources.

As an integral part of our strategy, we have published our 'Green Guide for Residential Developments', which is the product of our commitment to sustainability and the environment, as well as to our customers’ health and wellbeing in their homes. We cover the entire life cycle of a development project; the guide includes various alternatives and solutions to issues related to sustainability, designs aimed at minimising resource consumption and maximising energy efficiency, and a list of proposals for combating climate change.

  • Renewable energy (DCL aerothermal energy, heating and cooling, thermal solar and photovoltaic solar energy).
  • Correct ventilation system that, combined with proper insulation, helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without increasing resource consumption.
  • Efficient use of water both inside and outside the homes we build (controlling use, and collecting rainwater for watering the garden areas).
Díptico Guía Verde Environmental Policy


Listening to our customers to make sure we can offer them a product that suits their needs is always our priority. This is why we’ve created CoHABIT-20, which brings together all the characteristics of the home of the future.

  • Maximising natural light within homes through windows, and creating outside spaces in the form of terraces and gardens.
  • Facades designed to eliminate thermal bridges, which will improve thermal comfort inside the homes and reduce energy and resource consumption.
  • Open, flexible spaces within the home, with a separation between day and night areas.
  • Designs based on bioclimatic criteria, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) and the use of natural materials.
  • Health and well-being, recognised by our Spatium Seal