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As a country, Spain stands out for its climate, its privileged location, its multicultural environment and its business growth. This makes it the best option when it comes to basing a business, with multiple benefits that will drive exponential growth.

Commercial properties for sale at Habitat Inmobiliaria

Spain has many advantages that make it an ideal country for entrepreneurship. The first benefit that our country offers is its great tourist industry. In 2019, Spain received a total of 83.7 million tourists from all over the world, beating its record every year. This is due to the country’s great cultural offer, with cities full of history and monuments, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Seville and Bilbao.

The climate is another reason why millions of foreigners decide to travel to our country, and why a total of 18,205 foreign companies decide to settle in Spanish cities.

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On the other hand, Spain is strategically located and constantly connected to other countries and continents. Thanks to its language and culture, its greatest commercial ties are with Latin America. However, it also has a very important business relationship with the rest of Europe and the African continent.

As if that were not enough, Spain has an excellent communications network, with the most kilometres of motorways and dual carriageways in the European Union. This provides a simple and fast connection between its different regions, meaning that suppliers, investors, customers and distributors can get to any destination in Spain.

Commercial properties for sale

Spain also has very important international ports. This infrastructure and technology make shipping one of the country’s main trades.

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