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Commercial properties in Asturias

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Commercial properties for sale in Asturias

Perhaps you are considering looking for retail spaces for sale in Asturias to make one of your dreams come true. Asturias is known for its friendly people, its wonderful natural surroundings, its culture and gastronomy. All this makes it a quiet and unique place that attracts the attention of foreigners and Spaniards alike. That is why the Principality is one of the favourite places to set up a business, and has several thousand active companies.

Commercial properties for sale in Asturias

Asturias is an outstanding place in Spain because of the way its buildings integrate with the natural environment. The region has tourists from all over, both foreigners and people from other parts of Spain. Year after year, the city receives a large number of travellers who visit for the rural tourism. Thus, the hotel and catering sector is one of the most acclaimed in the area.

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In addition to the National Park of the Picos de Europa, Asturias also has many other natural places of interest, such as the Nature Reserve of Somiedo. It has a privileged landscape dotted with great lakes, like those in Valle or in Saliencia. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2000 and is formed by the valleys of Saliencia, Somiedo, Pigüeña and Valle. In the area of Somiedo, we suggest visiting the Ecomuseum, which showcases the area’s rural culture. In this same valley, you can also find the Interpretation Centre with information on the area’s natural resources.

Of course, you can also go hiking along different routes for all types of walkers, depending on experience. Some of these routes can also be done on horseback, giving tourists the opportunity to integrate more with nature.

Finally, Muniellos Forest is also a great place. It is a natural reserve more than 500 million years old, and the largest oak forest in Spain. There are other places of interest nearby, such as the Sanctuary of Acebo, the valley of Naviego and the beech forest of Monasterio de Hermo, which is inhabited by brown bears, wolves and capercaillies.

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Beyond its impressive nature, Asturias is also known for its great cultural offer. Its museums include the Museum of Fine Arts, which houses more than 15,000 pieces from the fourteenth century onwards. This is located in Oviedo, as well as the Teatro Campoamor, the cathedral and the Holy Chamber. Another of the city's museums is the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, a three-storey building dedicated to the history of the area from prehistoric times to the Modern Age. The Jurassic Museum of Asturias is another of the main attractions in the Principality’s cultural offer, with activities for the whole family, combining entertainment and science.

Commercial properties for sale in Asturias

If Asturias is famous for something, it is for its gastronomy. That is why culture and food come together to make way for places like the Cider Museum, the Wine Museum and the Cheese Cave. Asturias boasts chigres, bars, tascas, gastrobars and taverns. The region’s recipes are based on local products, respecting the kilometre-zero mindset. Cheese is one of the star ingredients, and the Principality has more than 50 different types. In addition, we cannot forget the seafood, wine, sweets and beef, including the famous cachopo, cheeks or stewed meat.

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