Commercial properties for sale in Gran Canaria

Buying commercial properties in Gran Canaria represents a great opportunity for economic growth, especially when the business model is directly or indirectly related to the different tourist areas in the region. These are currently on the rise, thanks to the mobility of domestic and foreign visitors.

Commercial properties for sale in Gran Canaria

The business opportunities in Gran Canaria are not limited just to tourism. Although it is the island's main source of income, other sectors also stand out, linked to fishing, agriculture for local consumption and export, and commercial interconnectivity through ports and the international airport.

Tourism is particularly significant in the island's ports, and in this respect, the most important is Port de la Luz y Las Palmas, strategically located in a neuralgic point for trade between Africa, America and Europe, with direct access to around 400 ports in the world.

As it is a "multifunctional" port, it serves as the region's focal point for tradecontainer shipping, fishing, passenger transport and, most importantly, cruise tourism. In fact, due to its conditions, location and the quality of its services, this port has received awards from different leading media, such as the international magazine "Dream World Cruise Destinations".

Buy commercial properties in Gran Canaria

Details such as the flora, fauna and more importantly, the climate, are other important aspects that make it worthwhile to buy new-build commercial properties in Gran Canaria. These details bring tourism and economic value to the region, for example, when starting or expanding guided tourism businesses in rural areas. It is worth noting that these sectors have seen a boom in the number of tourists, who are no longer satisfied with just the paradise beaches in Gran Canaria.

In terms of climate, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (the capital) is one of the most pleasant in the world. In fact, due to its geographical location, the island has different climates depending on the city or town where you are, which in turn has led to great differences in landscape, which is why it is also known as "The Miniature Continent".

To the keenest eyes, these varied factors constitute more opportunities for entrepreneurship. It is not surprising that the commercial properties available in Gran Canaria are designed to adapt to different business models, such as selling clothes in certain areas and climates, or running instructed sports activities in others.

Commercial properties available in Gran Canaria

Whether you are a private chef who just needs an office for home services, or a small businessman, who wants to establish a restaurant in newly built commercial properties in Gran Canaria, these options and many others have great potential on the island.

The island’s gastronomy includes its famous wines and wide range of artisanal cheeses, and income from food sales to hotels, restaurants and other business models is very high in the region.

It is worth mentioning that the irrigated banana and tomato crops on the island are also significant for this type of businesses. They are also a source of income in themselves, given their quality and that they are produced for export. Likewise, the gastronomy is also influenced by the farming and internal trade of cereals, legumes and potatoes, which, together with food from fishing activities, enrich the attraction for tourists who want to taste and enjoy these products.

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