Commercial properties for sale in Valencia

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Commercial properties in Valencia

When starting a new business, the location is of utmost importance, both for serving customers and for performing all the necessary business activities, and Valencia is one of the best places in Spain to see your brand grow.

Find commercial properties for sale in Valencia for your business

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. This port province is a perfect place for entrepreneurship, due to both its size and connections. In addition, the Mediterranean climate if this city encourages consumption and the growth of multiple businesses, which benefit from Valencia’s famous tourism.

In 2018, the Region of Valencia was home to several hundred thousand companies, and this figure is growing every year, including famous names like Ford, Mercadona, Porcelanosa, Lladró and Chocolates Valor. That’s why locating your business in a shop in Valencia is an excellent option.

One of the reasons why Valencia is a business city is the number of tourists it receives. There are several features that draw them to the city, such as its climate, location and cultural offer. All of this means that the city offers opportunities for practically every market sector in industry, culture and tourism.

Within the cultural offer, we cannot forget the city’s theatres, which host great plays. The first of these is the Teatro Principal, built in 1774 and first opened in 1832. From then until now, the Teatro Principal has hosted a variety of performances, such as concerts and plays. Also key to city entertainment, is the Teatro Olympia, a five-storey building from the 20th century that stands out as one of the main theatres in Spain. In addition to these, the Teatro Rialto, the Flumen, the Rambleta and the Musical also have a leading role in Valencia’s cultural scene.

On the other hand, the city also has important museums such as the Bombas Gens. This is a former industrial factory covering 4,500 square metres. During its restoration, an air raid shelter from the Civil War and a medieval cellar were found - discoveries that can still be visited today. Of course, the City of Arts and Sciences, the largest cultural complex in Europe, is also a hallmark venue, with7 exhibition areas, including the Oceanographic display, which is the main feature.

As for monuments, Valencia’s historic centre is full of buildings reflecting city’s rich heritage. One of them is the Lonja de la Seda, declared a World Heritage Site. In addition, the Central Market, the Columbus Market, El Miguelete and the Christian, Arab and Roman walls are also essential parts of its history.

The hotel and catering industry is another booming sector in Valencia, thanks to its great gastronomy, which, in many cases, has been adopted by the whole country. The Region of Valencia has the highest number of bars in Spain and is therefore the perfect place to open a food-related business , as this kind of commercial properties are always well-received here.

The Valencian dish par excellence has to be paella. There are many restaurants specialising in rice dishes in Valencia, as this is the star ingredient in its gastronomy. It is combined with multiple products, such as lobster, rabbit, seafood and vegetables, resulting in an exquisite array of dishes. Typical dishes that are part of the essence of this city, include, black rice, arroz a banda and baked rice.

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