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Delivered developments

Find out all the details of the developments already delivered by Habitat Inmobiliaria throughout the country.

The fruit of experience

All Habitat Inmobiliaria developments already delivered are the result of continuous adaptation to the needs of its customers and the selection of the best areas to live in. Discover our current developments where you can find your ideal home!

Progress and development, together with accumulated experience, mean that today a large number of families can enjoy their homes with large terraces, areas designed for children to play in, swimming pools for the warmer months and functional elements for day-to-day living, such as storage rooms and garages.

Thanks to Habitat Inmobiliaria's passion for providing homes that offer quality of life and comfort, the hardest part is choosing where to live. Check out all the developments delivered and see what your future home could be like in Habita inmobiliaria's current developments!

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