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Houses for sale

At Habitat Inmobiliaria, we offer property developments throughout Spain. All of them have the commitment to quality and innovation that we have been known from 1953. If you are looking for a new-build property where you can start creating your home, you are sure to find the best option in our developments.

Select the area where you want to live from all the available Habitat Inmobiliaria properties: A Coruña, Asturias, Cantabria, Madrid, Valladolid, Castellón, Valencia, Seville, Córdoba, Málaga, Barcelona, Girona and Gran Canaria. Habitat Inmobiliaria's new-build homes respond to the requirements of the present day, adapting to trends in design as well as in the pace of life and needs.

New-build developments

All the properties we make available to our customers are new builds, so you will be able to start your new home and enjoy its design with the latest innovations in sustainability and innovation, and always with Habitat Quality taking the star role. Find all the available options when it comes to our developments, such as villas, flats and penthouses. Choose your future home!

Flats for sale

As part of the new-build developments, we have blocks of flats with modern designs and high-quality materials that ensure the welfare of our customers. Natural light, independent and flexible spaces and landscaped areas are some of the unique qualities that all our developments offer.

Buy a flat

When buying a flat with Habitat Inmobiliaria, you can choose between multiple options, opting for those that best suit your needs. For example, you can choose between multiple options in common areas such as swimming pools, gyms or paddle tennis courts, without forgetting the spaces designed for the enjoyment of the little ones. You can also choose the type that best suits your lifestyle: ground floor with garden, penthouses or flats with terrace. In addition, you will be able to have a garage or storage room so that space is no longer a problem.

New-build villas

If you prefer the independence offered by a villa, you can also get your ideal home by checking out all the new-build villas available throughout Spain. Our range of developments is constantly being renewed, with more than 4,000 homes being marketed

Thanks to the different developments we have, you can find the home you need, with all the comforts of modern living and enjoying a terrace, swimming pool, gardens, playgrounds, garage and wide open spaces for the area you are looking for. Check out all the developments and choose your perfect home!

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