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Houses for sale in Castellón

Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and small mountain ranges inland, this is one of the most attractive cities to live in Spain. Buying a new-build flat in Castellón means opening up to an infinite number of experiences in a wide variety of natural environments, with wonderful views and affordable prices.

New-build developments in Castellón

Castellón is a coastal city located in the east of Spain. It has around 170,000 inhabitants and is currently experiencing some growth as a result of its economic development, thanks to both its industry and tourism.

Castellón enjoys a wealth of culture, monuments and beaches. Discover the Plaza Mayor which is an essential stop on a trip to the Castellón capital or the Grao neighbourhood in the maritime district. You can also try the best arroz abanda and fish such as tuna, sea bass and sea bream.

If the weather is nice, you can take your pick between Playa del Pinar beach, Playa de Gurugú and Playa de Serradal beach, which all have blue flags.

Castellón has some great offers and new-build developments waiting for you.

Flats for sale in Castellón

Castellón is a welcoming city and is designed for the new generations who are starting their own families and looking for privacy and comfort. That is why the houses for sale in Castellón are adapted to these new trends.

On the other hand, with a new flat in Castellón you are also guaranteed important features such as easy access to schools, health centres and other basic services that every couple or small family needs to settle down without worries.

Buy a flat in Castellón

Buying a house is an important life decision, and it is normal that the question may arise as to why it is a good idea to buy a flat in Castellón. The truth is that, from the point of view of those who want to start a business and grow professionally, this city has a lot to offer new families. After all, its industrial development is growing, which is leading to more modern neighbourhoods.

In addition, there are many other reasons to buy new-build flats in Castellón:

  • All kinds of services.
  • It is one of the cheapest cities in the Mediterranean area.
  • It has one of the most prestigious and modern universities in the country, the Jaime I University.
  • It provides plenty of activities and opportunities for walks in different natural environments, such as the beach or mountains.
  • As it has relatively few inhabitants, it does not generate that feeling of chaos or stress typical of densely populated cities.
  • Getting around, either by public or private transport, is very easy and comfortable, without too much traffic or too many parking problems.
  • The gastronomy, culture and history are among the richest and most varied in Spain.
  • In the urban centres of Castellón and its surroundings, there are also important industrial and business centres in different sectors.
  • It has several hospitals.
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