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Houses for sale in Cordoba

Considered one of the great jewels of Andalusia, Cordoba has a strong identity of its own as a result of its mix of history and modernity. The sun, its fields and its villages seduce anyone looking for a place to live a quiet life. The houses for sale in Cordoba reflect this calm, yet sometimes vibrant character that leaves no one indifferent. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people choose this province to switch homes, and enjoy a great standard of living.

New-build developments in Cordoba

The new-build developments in Cordoba offer solutions adapted to all kinds of needs and lifestyles, merging with the Cordovan essence of colour and light. This Andalusian corner presents real charms that leaves no one indifferent. On the one hand, the winding, cobbled streets that meander their way to the Mosque, the symbol par excellence of the provincial capital, mingle with the Arabic style and the white houses with flowered courtyards that invite you to live one-step at a time and enjoy this calm city. If you decide to move here, there’s no doubt that your favourite place will be those little hidden corners and picturesque squares where you can take refuge and cool off in the summer months.

On the other hand, there are many places to explore outside the city. Sierra Morena, in the north, beckons adventurers in search of remote villages and ruined castles in the heart of natural surroundings. This contrasts the tapestry of vines along the Guadalquivir River and the limestone caves in the south, which are ideal for those who love hiking, and local, homemade food.

Of course, the pleasure of living in the beauty of Cordoba's unique landscapes will ensure a better quality of life for anyone who wants to settle in the south of Spain.

Flats for sale in Cordoba

The array of new-build flats in Cordoba is located in areas of residential expansion, which means living with the comforts and facilities of a city without having to compromise on calmness and peace of mind. The versatility and quality of our new-build flats in Cordoba guarantee that you can find a home of your dreams in the most privileged locations in this Andalusian region.

For example, you would never have imagined living in a multicultural city where the Arab, Christian and Jewish worlds meet the modern and avant-garde, creating a place with intense cultural life that surprises both those who discover the city for the first time and the local Cordobeses themselves. This cultural ensemble, including Arab baths and Roman temples, is present wherever you look or walk.

Buy a flat in Cordoba

Cordoba is much more than its mosque. To buy a flat in this Andalusian region is to open the door to its natural landscapes, ripe with olive trees and vineyards, its varied gastronomy and its perfect welcoming combination of leisure and culture.

Cordoba has experienced considerable growth thanks to the development of its residential areas, which are very attractive thanks to their good communication with key areas and all the essential services available. Besides, it is one of the cheapest regions in the country to live in, which means families can buy a flat to live in or even as a good investment option.

So, if you are thinking of buying a flat in Cordoba, rest assured that it will be a wise decision and an investment in well-being, health and home enjoyment.

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