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A Coruña is a city that offers multiple advantages for living, thanks to its privileged location. In addition, because it is a port city, multiple companies decide to settle here to carry out their business. In addition to this, the cultural offer and the landscape make the quality of life unbeatable.

New-build developments in A Coruña

A Coruña stands out for its modern style in terms of construction, and is famous for its modernist architecture. Already in the 19th century, residences began to be built that imitated the European spirit of the time, located in large cities such as Paris or Vienna. However, it was in the 20th century when Modernism entered through the big door, giving rise to important buildings such as the Casa del Rey, Casa Molina and El diente de oro. In this sense, A Coruña is known as an architectural city with all its splendor, meaning that nowadays residences are still being built that are a step ahead of the rest of the constructions in Spain.

However, these buildings do not take the spotlight away from the province's nature, which is majestic and unique in equal parts. This natural environment allows its residents to make weekend getaways whenever they want. Among the most outstanding places is Mount Pido, 627 metres above sea level. From here, you can see the Carnota beach, a fine-sand paradise in the shape of a half moon. Also of great interest are the Fragas do Eume, a forest spanning 9,000 hectares that houses the monastery of Caaveiro, which dates back to the year 934. Finally, we must not forget Cape Fisterra, which draws tourists from all over the world.

Flats for sale in A Coruña

The cultural offer of A Coruña is another reason why this city receives new residents every year, who, amazed by its advantages, decide to start a new life in this port city. The old town of A Coruña is a place with years upon years of history, which can be seen through its buildings. Its streets hide museums, exhibition halls and theatres for art lovers.

The most outstanding museums in the city include the Aquarium Finisterrae and the Tower of Hercules. The first of these two is a scientific marine centre that is part of the Scientific Museums of A Coruña and has four exhibition halls where you can observe more than 300 species.

The Tower of Hercules on the other hand is an ancient navigation lighthouse built in the time of Nero. Today it is a World Heritage Site and is the setting of many legends that, generation after generation, have reached even the youngest ears. In addition to these two museums, there is also La Domus, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the House of Science, the National Museum of Science and Technology and many others.

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In terms of its gastronomy, A Coruña stands out for its local dishes made with ingredients from the area, including products from the coast and others from the Galician vegetable garden. This can be a good reason to buy a flat in A Coruña. The most popular dishes include a Galician stew, famous throughout Spain, octopus casserole with clams and prawns, the fish caldeirada and the Galician churrasco, a dish that serves as an excuse for Galicians to meet with friends and talk around the grill.

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