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Houses for sale in Gran Canaria

If there is something that could be considered the closest thing to a paradise, it is the Canary Islands, and more especially the island of Gran Canaria. To live there is to be able to enjoy good weather and sunshine almost all year round and with a quality of life that is difficult to find anywhere else. Its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a city that has everything including shops, tourism, gastronomy and incredible beaches for swimming.

If you want to live in Gran Canaria, now there are many more opportunities, as the property market is growing with good, interesting offers, with competitive prices and good purchasing conditions.

New-build developments in Gran Canaria

The recent boom in the property market has meant that there are now more homes available in the Canaries for interested buyers. Especially worth mentioning are the new-build flats in Gran Canaria, which can be found in different parts of the city.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a young city with a great atmosphere. A perfect place to settle down, raise a family and even start a new business. It is one of the most important urban points in the Canary Islands, as it is a capital and has economic importance. Here you have access to all the basic public services and, with its good climate, it is a city that gives priority to a good quality of life.

Flats for sale in Gran Canaria

All neighbourhoods in Las Palmas are good to live in. Ciudad Alta, La Vegueta, El Centro... All these places are ideal for settling down as they are well connected to the transport network and have all kinds of nearby shops and services... Do you like a warm, tropical climate, comfortable home, and access to all kinds of services? Then Gran Canaria is your ideal place to live.

You should also consider other municipalities in the metropolitan area, such as Telde, Arucas or Ingenio, which are all close to Las Palmas and equally well connected. It is the tenth largest metropolitan area in Spain, so living here means having access to all kinds of services, shops and infrastructures.

Buy a flat in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has beautiful beaches. Apart from the best known one, which is Playa de Las Canteras, there are others such as Las Alcaravaneras, San Cristóbal and El Confital, which are equally pleasant and where the average water temperature is very warm all year round.

The opportunity to live in such a wonderful city as Gran Canaria is now more affordable than ever. In any neighbourhood, in any area, with any type of housing. Nowadays anyone can enjoy a good climate all year round and a pleasant family atmosphere.

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