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Pontevedra is a charming, friendly city with many spots to disconnect. Perfect after a long day of work. It is one of Galicia’s most appealing cities to live in, thanks to the wide range of leisure it offers: beaches, mountains, charming towns, gastronomy, history, culture... And what’s more, it can boast of having been declared Europe’s most comfortable city to live in by the UN. And as if that weren't enough, it has also won the Dubai International Award for its quality of life. For all these reasons, at Habitat Inmobiliaria we have various new build developments in Pontevedra, to offer all possible alternatives.

Why buy a flat in Pontevedra?

Pontevedra is fortunate to have a pleasant climate throughout the year, in which it is neither too cold nor too hot. Thanks to this, you can spend more time on its many beaches, as there is something for all tastes: big, small, medium, and even deserted, for those seeking more tranquillity.

As it is a small city, the distances are never very far, allowing you to walk almost everywhere. The great hospitality and friendliness of the residents is one of the most striking characteristics of the city.

What is there to see in Pontevedra and the surrounding area?

Pontevedra is a city full of history. Proof of this is its old town, the second most important in Galicia. So although it is a medium-sized city, there is plenty to see, starting with the iconic Puente del Burgo, which, being a city of Roman origin, in its time was called “Pontus Veteris” (Old Bridge). The city is full of historic squares, such as the Plaza de la Peregrina, Plaza de la Leña and the Plaza de Herrería.

As well as the squares, Pontevedra also has many chapels and churches, such as the Santuario de la Virgen Peregrina, the Basílica de Santa María and the Church of San Francisco. It also has ruins, like the ruins of the Convento de Santo Domingo, which now form part of the Pontevedra Museum.

As for the towns that lie both on the coast and in the interior, there are many places worth visiting, starting with Combarro, located just 5 miles from the centre of Pontevedra, and which is considered the most beautiful town in Galicia. For lovers of white wine, the benefits of living near Cambados, the cradle of Galician white wine, are incalculable.

If you want to get to know some of its beaches, Pontevedra will not disappoint you, as it has some of the best beaches in Galicia, such as La Lanzada (El Grove), Playa de Pragueira (Sanxenxo) and Playa de Barra (Cangas Do Morrazo).

What is there to see in the Rías Baixas?

The Rías Baixas is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Galicia. With enclaves such as Cabo Silleiro, very close to Baiona, or the Cíes Islands, which together with the Island of Ons form the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. All of this makes the Rías Baixas area one of the most beautiful natural places in Spain.

Furthermore, its proximity to Portugal makes the area even more attractive to live in, since it is an ideal city for trips to the neighbouring country and enjoying incredible landscapes, as an excuse to discover its gastronomy.

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