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Developments in Valladolid Valladolid

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Houses for sale in Valladolid

The houses for sale in Valladolid are one of the best opportunities you can find in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, given that its business and industrial sectors are growing in leaps and bounds, while the city still offers peace and tranquillity compared to other major locations in Spain.

New-build developments in Valladolid

The number of new-build flats in Valladolid is increasing at a fast rate to accommodate a booming working and professional population. However, with around 300,000 inhabitants, it is still more welcoming and less frenetic than the big cities.

Among the developments of new flats in Valladolid, it is possible to find homes with terraces in most cases, and easy access to multiple green areas so you can disconnect from your routine alone, with your partner or family.

Broadly speaking, the city is suitable for different size families. Whether you are a couple without children, but with pets; or a family with small children, Valladolid provides the necessary spaces for a good, comfortable quality life.

Flats for sale in Valladolid

Valladolid’s streets and avenues are strategically organised to achieve a balance between freedom of movement and peace of mind, as well as safety and recreation. The city has developed an efficient transport system, which includes bike lanes and, in any case, has little traffic, so no problems when it comes to parking your car.

It is even a tempting proposal for nature lovers, without compromising the benefits and comforts of a modern city. With few inhabitants in quite a large area, Valladolid is ideal for those who want to adopt a new life with less stress and anxiety.

In a broader sense, Valladolid has a privileged position in the Northern Plateau. In this respect, regional mobility is equally easy and fast to any point.

Buy a flat in Valladolid

There are many reasons to decide to buy a new-build flat in this city, which stands out for having a great combination of historical monuments and future vision. It preserves ancient buildings (including medieval castles), and also welcomes large and modern industry and business centres. Its attractions also include shopping centres with the latest shopping and entertainment options.

These are some of the general reasons why buying new-build flats in Valladolid is a good investment:

● Appealing prices when it comes to services, housing and taxes

● Rich history with monumental architectural structures

● Efficient public transport system and easy mobility

● Multiple options for work and entrepreneurship

● Lots of green and outdoor recreational areas

● Diversity of offers for leisure and entertainment

● Good location in relation to other major cities in the region

● It has 141 non-university education centres, as well as two universities and a campus from the Isabel I University

In addition, buying a house in Valladolid means more than just a property and it’s a long-term investment opportunity.

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